Warranty Policy

At Car Parts Go, we are dedicated to providing top-quality automotive components to our valued customers. We take pride in our products and back them with a comprehensive warranty policy to ensure your satisfaction. Please carefully review this warranty policy to understand its terms and conditions.


This warranty covers defective components and items sent in error. Please note that our warranty is limited to parts only, and labor costs are not covered.

Defective Parts

If you receive a part that is determined to be defective, we will take the following steps to address the issue:

  1. We will make every effort to replace the defective part with a properly functioning one.
  2. In cases where a replacement cannot be provided, we will issue a full refund for the entire purchase price.


If you choose to reorder a component before returning the original one, we will charge for the replacement part. Upon the return of the original part, your previous purchase will be reimbursed. Please be aware that return postage costs will not be refunded.

Return Process

When returning a component, kindly provide a thorough explanation for the return. This information helps us understand the issue and enables a more efficient processing of your return request.

Restocking Fee

If a returned component does not meet the specifications outlined in this warranty, Car Parts Go reserves the right to impose a 25% restocking fee and deduct shipping costs from the refund.


Car Parts Go is not responsible for items delivered to the address provided at the time of sale but not taken into possession by the customer.

Non-Returnable Items

Items ordered exclusively for ‘testing purposes’ or those mistakenly ordered by the customer are not eligible for return. We strongly recommend confirming the correct part with a qualified mechanical or body specialist before making a purchase. We take pride in our accurate component shipments and appreciate your cooperation in selecting the correct part.

Warranty Period

Components returned after the warranty period will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender without reimbursement. To qualify for a return, parts must be received within 90 days of the original shipping delivery date.


The following are exclusions that void a warranty or are not covered by our standard 90-day guarantee:

Engines: Our warranty covers the long block of an engine assembly, excluding components such as manifolds, fuel injection, carburetor, hoses, timing belts and covers, gaskets, seals, and oil pans. Accessories like turbos, starters, air compressors, alternators, power steering pumps, optical distributors, electrical water pumps, water pump, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, and timing chains are not covered due to their high-wear nature.

Transmissions: We guarantee proper shifting, excellent gear condition, and good bearings. To maintain warranty eligibility, certain maintenance steps must be followed before installation, including cleaning all gearbox components, changing oil and filters, replacing seals and gaskets, testing the cooler and lines, and fully engaging the torque converter in automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions require clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder replacement, as well as flywheel rotation, and fluid level testing.

Turbo Seals: Turbo seals are not guaranteed to be flawless, and they may need replacement during the warranty term.

At Car Parts Go, your satisfaction is our priority. We appreciate your business and are here to assist you with high-quality automotive components and reliable warranty support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require assistance with your warranty claim.