2011-2018 Volkswagen Jetta Taillight Replacement

Replacing the tail lights on your 2011-2018 VW Jetta Sedan MK6 is a task you can accomplish with a few simple tools and steps. Whether you’re dealing with a broken unit or upgrading to a new style, this guide should help you navigate the process smoothly.

Find the Parts

You can find the Outer Taillights on Here.
You can find the Inner Taillights for Here.

Tools Needed

10mm Socket
Socket Wrench

Replacement Process

Outer Tail Light:

  1. Locate the Access Panel: Inside the trunk, find the access panel on the side of the outer tail light you wish to replace.
  2. Remove the Plastic Screw: With the access panel open, you will see a plastic screw. This screw is typically turned counterclockwise to remove.
  3. Detach the Tail Light: Once the plastic screw is removed, gently pull the tail light unit towards the outside of the car. It is held in place by a clip that should release with a slight tug. Handle the unit with care to avoid damage.
  4. Disconnect the Wiring: Before fully removing the tail light, disconnect the wiring harness by unclipping it. This may require a bit of finesse, as some clips might be tight or inconveniently placed.

Inner Tail Light:


  1. Remove the Inner Access Cap: On the interior side of the tail light, remove the access cap to reveal the mounting nuts.
  2. Unscrew the 2 10mm Nuts: Inside, you will find two nuts securing the inner tail light. Use your socket wrench to remove these nuts.
  3. Release the Inner Tail Light: With the nuts removed, gently pull down on the inner tail light unit to detach it. Be mindful of the wiring that still connects the unit to the vehicle.
  4. Disconnect the Wiring: Finally, disconnect the wiring harness to completely free the inner tail light unit from the car.




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