2011-2018 Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Replacement

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For those looking to tackle headlight replacement on a 2011 to 2018 Volkswagen Jetta, this guide offers a straightforward approach. From removing the old unit to installing a new one, we’ll walk you through the essential steps. Before starting make sure you verify you have a sedan or a station wagon, the headlights are different.

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How to Replace the Headlight Assembly:

Tools Needed

Replacing the Headlights Assembly on both Models:

The easiest way to remove the headlight will involve taking off the bumper that might seem intimidating but it’s not that bad.

  • Remove Bolts: Start by removing bolts around the headlight—two on top, one in the back, and another hidden behind the grille.
  • Detach Bracket: Remove the black upper bracket and two plastic grommets on the top of the headlight.

Removing the Front Bumper

  • Bolts Removal: Start with removing four T25 bolts securing the front bumper.
  • Detach Lower Brackets: Remove T25 bolts from the bottom plastic brackets.
  • Fender Well Bolts: Remove T25 bolts inside the fender well, including one deep down.
  • Fender Bumper Removal (If Applicable): For models with fender bumpers, peel back the double-sided tape carefully.
  • Additional Bolt Access: Locate and remove a downward-facing T25 bolt for bumper detachment.
  • Detaching the Front Bumper and Grille
  • Apply Pressure: Push forward on the bumper to release it from the back guide, then pull it straight out with assistance.
  • Disconnect Fog Lights: If equipped, twist and remove fog light bulbs from both sides.
  • Final Bolt for Grille: Remove the last T30 bolt holding the grille before pulling off the front bumper.

Headlight and Bumper Reinstallation

  • Realign Headlight: Start by inserting the first bolt on the inner side, ensuring alignment for the bumper and grille overlay.
  • Bracket and Hardware Reassembly: Place the headlight bracket over the headlight and loosely assemble all hardware for adjustment.
  • Adjust and Tighten: Once aligned, tighten the headlight to the bracket, using previous washer marks as a reference for positioning.
  • Headlight Adjustment: Use an Allen key for final headlight aim adjustments after reassembly.

Finalizing the Front Bumper Installation

  • Clip and Align: Ensure the bumper clips back into place, especially around the center and sides.
  • Reattach Fog Lights: Insert and lock the fog light bulbs into their positions on both sides.
  • Secure Top Hardware: Reattach and screw down the grille and any upper bumper components.

Aiming the Headlights

  • Mark Headlight Axis: Find and mark the axis on a vertical wall from 25 feet away, adjusting the height and centerline accordingly.
  • Adjust Beam Focus: Use the adjusting screw to set the passenger side beam 2 inches below the line and the driver’s side 4 inches below to avoid blinding oncoming traffic.